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Buick retractable combination lap seat belts with shoulder harness retrofit conversion kits available for use when originality is not required. A retrofit conversion kit includes the required mounting hardware along with installation instructions to upgrade from a non retractable or retractable lap seat belt only or to replace a damaged factory retractable lap seat belt with independent shoulder harness or to add a retractable lap seat belt with shoulder harness in a vehicle that did not previously have retractabe lap seat belts with shoulder harness installed. Retrofit conversions kits are available for bench seat and bucket seats. All seat belts and hardware are new with all seat belts manufactured or assembled in the USA with USA certification tag confirming compliance with current FMVSS(Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) 209 and 302.
Click Here for conversion kits to be used when the upper shoulder harness mounting point is a single threaded bolt hole.Click on picture to enlarge.

Important Installation Information; (Click On Picture To Enlarge) Most General Motors vehicles manufactured after 1966 came with two bolt threaded and reinforced upper shoulder harness bracket mounting points that are located on the lower roof panel or pillar post behind interior trim. Our retrofit conversion kits include stud plates and mounting bolts to be used to convert the factory two bolt mounting points to a single stud mounting plus threaded reinforcement plates and rivets that can be used to create an upper shoulder harness bracket mounting point when one does not exist.

For Use In The Vehicles Listed Below

To Be Installed In A Coupe Or Hardtop Only
Apollo: 1973-75
Century: 1973
GS: 1965-75
Sports Wagon: 1964-72
Skylark: 1964-72, 1975
Wildcat: 1964-70




Product Notes: Click On Picture To Enlarge
Available with black webbing only
  • Includes: Seat belts and installation hardware for the driver and passenger with installation instructions.
  • Buckle: Metal. Measures 1 7/8" x 1 7/8" with GM Mark Of Excellence on the press area.
  • Manufactured under GM reproduction license.
  • Center/Rear Seat Belt Length 60": Adjustable latch side 36". Fixed buckle side 24".
  • Center/Rear Seat Belt Length 74": Adjustable latch side 40". Fixed buckle side 34".
  • For product questions or ordering assistance call (302)629-8508.

    Rear Seat Mounting Hardware
    MH4 Standard Mounting kit includes zinc chromate bolts, washers, nuts and and oversize underbody reinforcing washers.
    201K Retrofit Mounting Kit includes zinc chromate bolts, washers plus threaded underbody reinforcing plates to add support to the mounting points which should be used when seat belts are being installed in a location were they were not previously dealer or factory installed. A standard mounting kit is not required when ordering.

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    Related Items On Sale Mounting Hardware And Kits

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