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"On The Seat" retractable lap seat belt custom designed where the retractor lays on the top of the seat allowing for the installation of a retractable lap seat belt in a center front bench seat position or a rear seat where there is no clearance between the end of the seat and the interior side panel to mount a standard floor mounted retractable lap seat belt.

The floor mounting anchor ends on both the seat retractor and the buckle end side go thru the gap between where the seat back and the seat bottom meet to the floor where they mount to the floor the same as a standard non retractable lap belt.

All of the seat belts and related hardware are new and manufactured to meet or exceed FMVSS (U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) 209 and 302 will all seat belts manufactured or assembled in the USA.

When installing a seat belt where it was not previously installed or if a factory underbody reinforcement plate is damaged or missing it is suggested that an RB4 underbody reinforcement plate be used to add support to all of the mounting locations.


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Add MH2-YZ Mounting Kit $3.25ea
Add RB4 Underbody Reinforing Plate $7.50ea
Add 201K-Z Retrofit Mounting Kit $12.00ea

Product Notes: Click On Picture To Enlarge
  • When selecting the fixed length buckle side,verfiy that it is long enough to reach the floor mounting point with the buckle on the seat.
  • The webbing when fully extended from the retractor measures 51" long.
  • The buckle, retractor cover and all plastic pieces are black regardless of the webbing color
  • One MH2-YZ mounting kit is required per seat belt for mounting.
  • Measurements listed are approximate.
  • A color match to existing upholstery, seat belt or carpet is not be guaranteed.
  • Available with any webbing color on webbing sample page.
  • A retrofit kit which includes underbody reinforcing plates should be used when installing a seat belt where not previously installed. MH2-YZ mounting kit is not required when ordering a retrofit kit.
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