Thunderbird Seat Belts....Seat Belts For Thunderbirds....Thunderbird Seat Belts....Seat Belts For Thunderbirds....

If you are looking for seat belts for Thunderbirds you have come to the right place.

Andover Restraints,Inc, a subsidiary of The Andover Companies,Inc has been offering seat belts for Thunderbirds to the retail and wholesale restoration industry since 1985.

We offer;
  • retrofit seat belts and seat belt kits for those years prior to seat belts being factory installed.
  • seat belts for most makes and models of domestic and imported cars and trucks.
  • seat belts for industrial uses.
  • seat belts for golf carts.
  • anchors,bolt kits,buckles,webbing and more.
  • seat belts for go carts.
  • plus many additional applications.

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