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Continuous loop push button buckle non retractable seat belt restraints available in extended lengths of 60", 74" or 90" long(custom lengths are available) for speciality uses including physical therapy and general medical applications. All of the restraints listed are manufactured or assembled in the USA with USA certification tag confirming compliance with current FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) 209 and 302.

A continuous loop seat belt restraint does not have mounting anchor end fittings and is designed to go around an item or individual. The latch end and buckle are connected into each other to complete the loop.


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  • Additional Available Webbing Colors. Contact us for availability.
  • Contact us for pricing on custom lengths and large quanity purchases.
  • The buckle and plastic pieces on the orange and yellow restraint are black.
  • The buckle and plastic pieces on the red seat belts is color matched to the webbing.
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  • On Sale Contact Us:EMail Call Us:(302) 629-8508
    Seat Belt Index Page Individual Components,Hardware And Webbing Build Your Own

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